Placeme Frequently Asked Questions



What kind of smartphone does Placeme run on?


Placeme runs on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S.  iOS 5.01+ is required.  Placeme also runs on popular Android phones.  Android OS 2.2+ is required.  Both a calling plan and a data plan are required for either iPhone or Android phones.


I know about Placeme but who is Alohar Mobile?


Alohar Mobile,, is the name of the company that develops the Placeme app.  In addition to this app, Alohar has a SDK and set of APIs for third party mobile app developers to use.  If you develop apps for iOS or Android, and are interested in learning more about the Alohar Mobile Location Behavior Analytics Platform, please email


Why do I need to have both GPS and Wifi ON to run Placeme?


Since Placeme is working for you in the background and automatically determining the places you visit as you experience your mobile life, the app needs data sources.  One of these data sources is GPS location and another is Wifi Network location.  Therefore the operating system's location services need to be ON.  Android's location services are separated into two settings: GPS and Wifi.  GPS is for fine location and Wifi is for coarse location.  In addition to location services, Wifi itself must also be ON even if you are not connected to any Wifi networks.


Why does my smartphone need to have a data plan to run Placeme?


Placeme does a lot of its magic in the cloud so the app needs to communicate with the Alohar servers when you're “in the field.”  Also, the map view requires an Internet connection to serve you maps capable of zooming and panning.  Good news is that only a minimum monthly data plan (e.g. Edge, 3G, 4G) is required, and we have tested on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile.


Why are some pins blue and some orange?


The orange pins represent places for which the app has an address but no name.  We encourage you to tap the edit pencil and give the place a name to pinpoint it.  Once a place is named or “pinpointed,” its pin becomes blue.  Many of the pins you will see are blue because most of the time, Placeme is able to automatically name a place for you. However, sometimes Placeme makes a mistake, so to correct it, tap the edit pencil and choose an alternate place from the Edit list.  After you make this edit, Placeme remembers it, so the next time you visit that place, the pin “snaps” into position.


How do I edit places?


Although Placeme automatically records your daily places, sometimes you may need to edit a place or two.  In the map view, there are two pin types: orange and blue.  If the pin is orange, it lacks a name but will contain an address.  To name it, tap on the pin, and you will see a pop up with three place choices.  Chances are, one of these 3 is correct.  Tap it and you're done.  If the place name is not in the top 3 list, tap “more choices” and you will be taken to the Edit page.  On the edit page, you will see all the possible place choices.  If none of these are correct, then tap the “+” icon to give the place a name and a category.


If the pin is blue but the place was not correctly identified, tap on it, then tap the edit pencil.  On the edit page, notice that many alternate places are listed.  Odds are that the correct place is in the list.  Tap on any place in the list, and then tap “confirm.”  You can also edit from the list view or the My Places view.


How do I delete places?


Placeme offers several options.  If you are in the My Places view, tap on any place. You will be taken to its place details page.  On this page, tap the delete (garbage can) icon.  If you are in the Map View, tap on any pin and then tap the pencil icon that appears in the summary rectangle. You will be on its edit page.  On this page, tap the delete icon.  You can also access a place's edit page from that day's list view.


What is the difference between a visit and a place?


A place has an address, a name and associated metadata like a street view image.  To view the metadata per place, go to its Place Details page. A visit can also have an address, a name and associated metadata but it represents a single time duration.  So, if you visit Starbucks on 72 Spring Street in New York City for 14 minutes on November 4th, Placeme considers this a “visit.”  If you also go there on November 5th, 16th and 27th, Placeme will capture all four visits, but it considers "Starbucks at 72 Spring Street" a single place.  All your previously visited places are kept for you in the My Places view. You can search on these places by name or category.


What is a note?


Notes are a great way for you to quickly associate textual information per visit.  When a visit is recorded, you can view it in the Place Details page.  If you want to write or dictate a note about this visit, it's easy.  Just tap "Add Note" located below the street view image and you will be on the Note editing screen. Type or speak (Android-only) your note, then tap save.  For example, if you had a great day at work, just navigate to the day in either the map or list view, tap on the visit to get to its Place Details page.  Then, tap on “Add Note” to record what happened and why your day was so great.


How do I know where I am right now?


The blue dot shows where you are now.  Depending on the type of smartphone you have, the dot may or may not blink.  If you are in the map view but on a day from the past, tapping the target icon in the top bar (Android) or the compass icon in the bottom bar (iPhone) will first navigate you to the current day and then the map will auto-center on your current location.  If you tap on the blue dot, you can see what address you are near in real time.


How do I submit feedback or get support?


In most views of Placeme for Android, from the optional menu, there is a menu item called “Feedback.”  Tap it and you will be sent to your phone's email client with both the to: and subject: fields pre-filled.  Please provide all the relevant details in the body of your message including your phone type, operating system version and carrier. The feedback and support email address for Placeme is:  In Placeme for iPhone, go to Home>Settings, then tap on “Give Us Feedback.”


How do I share my places?


Placeme is not a social networking app.  Your daily places and the notes you add to each visit are personal and private.  However, if you ever want to share a place (e.g., cool new bar you visited, great new restaurant you tried), it's very easy.  Just tap on the place from the map, list or My Places view. You will then be on that place's Detail page. Then, tap on the share button in the top bar. When you do this, Placeme will pop up three options for sharing: Facebook, Twitter or E-mail.  Placeme will populate some content for you with a public URL link.  This URL is the link to your place and other useful information like the address, one-tap directions and street view.  If you have any notes for that visit, Placeme will strip them out to preserve your privacy.  To learn more about our privacy policy, click here.  To read our full terms of service, click here.  Please feel free to modify the pre-filled content before sending out.  To share to Facebook and Twitter, Placeme requires your authorization, but it does not store your credentials or fetch your personal information.


What is Evernote Integration and How does it work?


If you are an Evernote user and you would like to sync places auto-detected by Placeme into your Evernote account, you can simply connect Placeme with Evernote by clicking the Evernote item on the sliding menu and follow the instructions.  The connection uses oAuth to authenticate with Evernote.  Placeme does not store any of your Evernote credential information, but only an oAuth access token.  Once connected, Placeme will send your daily visits to Evernote as one note around midnight of that day.  The note includes a map of all places you visited that day and a list of places with detail visit information such as arrival time, duration, location etc.  If you would like to stop the connection, just click the disconnect button.  Placeme will stop sending your visits to Evernote from that day onwards.


How do you assure my privacy?


We are very serious about our users’ privacy.  Your current location is never broadcast or auto-posted to a social network.  We use your location data to automatically determine your places and fetch the appropriate metadata.  When you first launch Placeme, you need to create an account.  This is important so only you can sign in to Placeme.  Creating an account is also important to make your account data portable (e.g., when you get a cool new phone, or a replacement phone) and to make it easy for us to provide you with customer/technical support.  To learn more, please read our full privacy policy, click here.  To read our full terms of service, click here.


How secure is my Placeme data?


Very.  SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is always used when the Placeme app and Alohar servers communicate.  After each successful delivery to the server, most of the location data on the client is deleted.  When some data is stored temporarily on your phone, it is encrypted.  When Placeme sends data to the Alohar servers, a hash code of the device ID is used to identify the stored data.  This means that we do not store your device ID, so your device ID is always safe.  For more about data security, please read our privacy policy, click here.  To read our full terms of service, click here.


Why does Placeme need to always run in the background?


Placeme automatically records all the places you visit each day. You do not have to manually “check in” or search for anything, so a ton of your time is saved.  Just open the app once in a while and review what has been remembered for you.  For the app to save you this time and effort, it runs in the background while consuming as little battery power as necessary.


What happens when I exit the app?


From the Home screen of Placeme for Android, you can exit the app from the optional menu.  We recommend that you do not do this.  Exit will close the app from the foreground and quit the app from running in the background.  Although you will still be logged in, the Alohar server will no longer be able to automatically detect your visits accurately.  To exit Placeme for iPhone, double click on the home button, then long tap on the Placeme app icon that appears in the multitasking bar (“shelf”).  When you do this, the icon will wiggle. Then tap the (-) badge. Please note that you will still be logged in and therefore, Placeme will still be collecting visits for you.  You will see them the next time you launch the app.  If you want to turn off location recording, you have two options.  Option 1 is: Visit Menu>Settings in the Placeme app. You will notice a setting called “Location Recording.”  Tap its toggle to the OFF position.  Option 2 is: visit the Locations Services section of the iOS Settings app.  Swipe down until you see Placeme and tap its toggle to the OFF position.


If you lend your phone to a family member, we strongly urge you to log out first.  To log out of Placeme, tap on “Log out” from the Settings view.  Settings can be accessed from the Home screen. When you are logged out, all mobile data logging will be off.