Discovering the Best Beaches in Newport Beach – My Top Picks.

Welcome to my guide to the best beaches in Newport Beach! If you’re looking for the perfect seaside getaway, you’ve come to the right place. Newport Beach, located in Southern California, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. From pristine sands to stunning ocean views, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

  • Balboa Peninsula Beach is known for its clean sands and gentle waves, perfect for swimming.
  • Enjoy stunning ocean views and fishing at Balboa Pier Beach.
  • Discover the secluded tide pools and scenic beauty of Cameo Shores Beach.
  • Experience privacy and serenity at Genoa West Beach in Lido Isle.
  • Marina Park offers a family-friendly environment with a nautical-themed playground and gentle waves.

Newport Beach has so much to offer when it comes to beach experiences. Whether you’re looking for a fun family day out, a romantic getaway, or a peaceful retreat, you’ll find it all here. So pack your beach essentials and get ready for an unforgettable time exploring the best beaches in Newport Beach!

Balboa Peninsula Beach: Clean Sands and Gentle Waves

When it comes to pristine sandy shores and calm waters, Balboa Peninsula Beach is a top choice for beach enthusiasts in Newport Beach. This stunning beach offers visitors the perfect combination of clean sands and gentle waves, creating an idyllic setting for swimming, sunbathing, and beach activities. With its convenient location and natural beauty, Balboa Peninsula Beach is a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists alike.

As you step onto the soft sand, you’ll immediately feel the relaxing ambiance of Balboa Peninsula Beach. The beach stretches along a picturesque coastline, inviting visitors to take leisurely strolls or simply unwind while soaking up the sun’s rays. The gentle waves that wash ashore make it ideal for swimmers of all ages, providing a safe and enjoyable experience for families, couples, and solo travelers.

For those seeking a bit of adventure, Balboa Peninsula Beach offers a range of beach activities to keep you entertained. Whether you’re interested in surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, or playing beach volleyball, you’ll find ample space to indulge in your favorite water sports. The beach’s pristine conditions and calm waters make it an excellent spot for beginners and experienced water enthusiasts alike.

To fully experience the beauty of Balboa Peninsula Beach, make sure to take a walk on the Balboa Pier. From here, you’ll be treated to breathtaking panoramic views of the sparkling ocean, the coastline, and the surrounding Newport Beach area. The pier is also a popular spot for fishing, so bring your fishing gear and try your luck at catching some local marine life.

Beach Name Main Features Activities
Balboa Peninsula Beach Clean sands and gentle waves Swimming, sunbathing, beach activities

Balboa Pier Beach: Stunning Views and Fishing Fun

For those seeking an idyllic beach experience with breathtaking views and a chance to cast a line, Balboa Pier Beach is a must-visit spot in Newport Beach. This picturesque beach offers stunning ocean views and the opportunity for fishing on the pier, making it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

When you visit Balboa Pier Beach, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful stretch of sandy shoreline and crystal-clear waters. Whether you’re looking to sunbathe, take a leisurely stroll along the shore, or try your hand at fishing, this beach has something for everyone.

The pier itself is a popular spot for anglers, with plenty of space to set up your fishing gear. Cast your line and enjoy the peaceful sound of the waves as you wait for a bite. And if fishing isn’t your thing, simply take a leisurely walk along the pier and soak in the stunning panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

“Balboa Pier Beach offers a serene atmosphere and beautiful vistas, making it an idyllic spot for a leisurely day by the sea.”

Balboa Pier Beach Newport Beach

When planning your visit to Balboa Pier Beach, it’s important to keep in mind that parking can be limited, especially during peak times. To secure a spot, it’s best to arrive early in the day or consider visiting in the evening for a sunset stroll along the shore.

Beach Name Main Features
Balboa Peninsula Beach Clean sands, gentle waves
Balboa Pier Beach Stunning ocean views, fishing pier
Cameo Shores Beach Colorful tide pools, scenic beauty

Before you head out, don’t forget to pack sunscreen, beach towels, and plenty of water to stay hydrated. Balboa Pier Beach is the perfect place to relax, enjoy the beauty of the California coast, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Cameo Shores Beach: Secluded Tide Pools and Scenic Beauty

Nestled beneath the community of Cameo Shores lies a hidden gem, Cameo Shores Beach, where you can explore vibrant tide pools and immerse yourself in the breathtaking coastal scenery. This secluded beach offers a tranquil escape from the bustling crowds, making it a perfect spot for relaxation and exploration.

During low tide, the tide pools at Cameo Shores Beach come alive with vibrant marine life. Take a leisurely stroll along the sandy shores and discover an array of colorful sea creatures, from tiny starfish to delicate hermit crabs. It’s an incredible opportunity to get up close and personal with nature in its purest form.

As you explore the beach, be sure to capture the beauty of Arch Rock and Ocean Arch, two stunning rock formations that add an extra touch of magic to the scenery. These natural wonders make for picturesque backdrops and are a must-see for any nature enthusiast or avid photographer.

Cameo Shores Beach

Whether you’re seeking tranquility, a chance to connect with nature, or the perfect spot for a romantic stroll, Cameo Shores Beach is a coastal retreat that offers it all. Escape the crowds and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of this hidden gem.

Genoa West Beach—Lido Isle: Privacy and Serenity

If you’re looking for a tranquil beachfront escape away from the crowds, Genoa West Beach in Lido Isle offers the perfect setting for a peaceful and exclusive beach vacation. Situated in the picturesque neighborhood of Lido Isle, this private beach provides a serene atmosphere and stunning views of the surrounding area.

Newport Beach beach vacation

With soft, sandy shores and gentle waves, Genoa West Beach is an ideal spot for sunbathing, picnicking, or simply unwinding with a good book. The beach is exclusively reserved for residents and their guests, ensuring a quiet and uncrowded experience.

For those looking for a more active beach day, Genoa West Beach offers amenities such as a spacious playground and numerous water activities. Spend the day playing beach volleyball, building sandcastles, or taking a refreshing swim in the calm waters.

Amenities: Location:
  • Soft sand
  • Gentle waves
  • Spacious playground
  • Beach volleyball court
  • Picnic areas
Lido Isle, Newport Beach

“Genoa West Beach offers a secluded and exclusive beachfront experience, perfect for those seeking privacy and serenity.” – Local resident

Exploring Lido Isle

While visiting Genoa West Beach, take the time to explore the charming neighborhood of Lido Isle. Known for its beautiful homes and pristine streets, Lido Isle is a hidden gem in Newport Beach.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll or bike ride along the tree-lined streets, admiring the unique architecture and manicured gardens. Don’t forget to stop by Lido Marina Village, a waterfront shopping area, for a bite to eat or some boutique shopping.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet day at the beach or a peaceful retreat in a beautiful neighborhood, Genoa West Beach on Lido Isle is a hidden paradise waiting to be discovered.

Marina Park: Family-Friendly Fun and Gentle Waves

Planning a fun-filled beach day with the whole family? Look no further than Marina Park, where gentle waves and a fantastic playground create the ideal setting for a memorable day by the water. Located in Newport Beach, this family-friendly beach offers a range of activities for everyone to enjoy.

The highlight of Marina Park is its nautical-themed playground, complete with a shipwreck structure and water play features. Kids can climb, slide, and splash around, while parents relax on the nearby sandy shores. The playground’s convenient location near the water allows families to easily switch between playing and swimming.

Beach Activities Facilities
  • Swimming
  • Building sandcastles
  • Picnicking
  • Beach volleyball
  • Kayaking
  • Bathrooms
  • Outdoor showers
  • Grassy areas
  • Picnic tables
  • Parking

Aside from the playground, Marina Park offers a wide range of beach activities. Whether you want to swim in the calm waters, build sandcastles, or enjoy a game of beach volleyball, there’s something for everyone. The park also provides amenities such as bathrooms, outdoor showers, grassy areas, picnic tables, and ample parking space.

So gather your family and head to Marina Park for a day of fun in the sun. With its gentle waves, exciting playground, and various beach activities, this Newport Beach vacation spot is sure to create lasting memories for the whole family.

Marina Park Family-Friendly Fun

If you’re in search of a hidden gem tucked away from the crowds, China Cove Beach offers a local’s paradise with its serene ambiance and secluded setting. Accessible via a set of stairs on Ocean Boulevard, this beach provides a quiet escape from the bustling Newport Beach scene. The peacefulness of this beach makes it an ideal spot for those looking to relax and unwind.

Surrounded by stunning coastal homes, China Cove Beach offers a picturesque backdrop for your day at the beach. The beach’s small size adds to its charm, providing an intimate environment where you can truly enjoy the beauty of the ocean. With its crystal-clear waters and soft sand, this hidden gem allows you to reconnect with nature and soak up the tranquil atmosphere.

Take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline and explore the tide pools that emerge during low tide. These tide pools are teeming with fascinating marine life, offering a unique opportunity to observe and appreciate the wonders of the ocean up close. Don’t forget your camera, as the natural arches and rock formations create a stunning backdrop for memorable photographs.

China Cove Beach

Remember to pack your own essentials when visiting China Cove Beach, as there are no facilities or amenities available. Be sure to bring sunscreen, water, snacks, and any beach gear you may need for a day in the sun. Additionally, it’s important to respect the surroundings and leave no trace behind, preserving the beauty of this hidden gem for future visitors.

Beach Features Location Facilities
Secluded and peaceful Tucked away in a residential area on Ocean Boulevard No facilities available
Picturesque coastal backdrop Surrounded by stunning coastal homes N/A
Tide pools during low tide Opportunity to explore marine life up close N/A
Requires personal amenities Bring your own sunscreen, water, snacks, and beach gear N/A

Newport Dunes Resort Beach: RV Camping and Water Recreation

A beach vacation with a touch of luxury awaits at Newport Dunes Resort Beach, where you can enjoy RV camping, waterfront cottages, and a horseshoe-shaped beach perfect for water activities. This resort beach offers a unique blend of relaxation and adventure, making it an ideal destination for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

At Newport Dunes Resort Beach, you have the option to camp in your own RV or stay in one of their cozy waterfront cottages. Wake up to the sound of waves and take in the picturesque views of the marina, creating a truly immersive beach experience. The resort offers various amenities, including clean and modern facilities, a laundry room, and a convenience store, ensuring that your stay is comfortable and convenient.

Water recreation is a highlight of Newport Dunes Resort Beach. The horseshoe-shaped beach provides ample space for swimming, sunbathing, and building sandcastles. You can also rent paddleboards, kayaks, and pedal boats to explore the calm waters of the Back Bay. For those seeking more excitement, jet ski rentals and boat charters are available, allowing you to make the most of your time on the water.

best beaches in newport beach

With its convenient location near the heart of Newport Beach, Newport Dunes Resort Beach is also close to popular attractions such as the Balboa Fun Zone and Fashion Island. Take a stroll along the boardwalk, indulge in delicious seafood at waterfront restaurants, or shop at upscale boutiques – the options for entertainment and relaxation are endless.

Experience the perfect blend of luxury and beachfront living at Newport Dunes Resort Beach. Whether you’re camping in an RV, staying in a waterfront cottage, or simply enjoying the beautiful horseshoe-shaped beach, this resort offers a memorable vacation experience for all.


With its diverse range of beaches offering everything from gentle waves to secluded spots, Newport Beach has something to offer every beach lover. Embark on a seaside journey and discover your own favorite spot along the golden shores of Newport Beach.

Among my top picks, Balboa Peninsula Beach stands out for its clean sands and gentle waves, perfect for a relaxing swim. Balboa Pier Beach offers breathtaking ocean views and a pier that’s great for fishing. If you’re looking for a more secluded experience, Cameo Shores Beach boasts beautiful tide pools during low tide and stunning views of Arch Rock and Ocean Arch.

For a private and serene beach getaway, Genoa West Beach on Lido Isle is the ideal choice. Families will love Marina Park, with its family-friendly environment and nautical-themed playground. China Cove Beach offers a hidden gem feel, tucked away among houses and offering a peaceful escape from the crowds.

Newport Dunes Resort Beach at the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina is perfect for RV camping and rental cottages, while Corona del Mar State Beach provides flat sandy shores for sunbathing, volleyball, and various water activities.

With such a variety of options, Newport Beach is the ultimate destination for beach enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, this coastal paradise has it all. So pack your sunscreen, grab your beach towel, and get ready to make unforgettable memories under the California sun.


Q: What are the best beaches in Newport Beach?

A: Some of the best beaches in Newport Beach include Balboa Peninsula Beach, Balboa Pier Beach, Cameo Shores Beach, Genoa West Beach—Lido Isle, Marina Park, China Cove Beach, Newport Dunes Resort Beach, and Corona del Mar State Beach.

Q: What makes Balboa Peninsula Beach special?

A: Balboa Peninsula Beach is known for its clean sands and gentle waves, making it perfect for swimming. It can get crowded in the summer, so arriving early is recommended to secure a good spot.

Q: What attractions can be found at Balboa Pier Beach?

A: Balboa Pier Beach offers stunning ocean views and a pier for fishing. It provides a relaxing atmosphere for beachgoers. However, parking can be limited, so arriving early or coming late at night is advisable.

Q: What makes Cameo Shores Beach unique?

A: Located below the community of Cameo Shores, this secluded beach is known for its colorful tide pools during low tide. It offers beautiful views and the opportunity for stunning photos near Arch Rock and Ocean Arch.

Q: Is Genoa West Beach open to the public?

A: Genoa West Beach is a private beach located in Lido Isle. Visitors can enjoy the soft sand and spacious playground on this shorefront if they know a resident.

Q: Is Marina Park suitable for families?

A: Yes, Marina Park is a family-friendly beach with gentle waves, making it ideal for young kids and toddlers. The nautical-themed playground near the water allows kids to switch between playing and swimming easily.

Q: How can I access China Cove Beach?

A: China Cove Beach is tucked away among houses and provides a local, hidden gem feel. It is accessible by stairs on Ocean Boulevard, offering a quiet escape from the crowds.

Q: What amenities are available at Newport Dunes Resort Beach?

A: Newport Dunes Resort Beach, located inside the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina, offers RV camping and rental cottages. Visitors can lounge on the horseshoe-shaped beach or rent water equipment for a fun day on the water.

Q: Why is Corona del Mar State Beach popular?

A: Corona del Mar State Beach is known for its flat, sandy shores, making it perfect for sunbathing, playing volleyball, and engaging in water activities like swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. However, parking may require a fee, so plan accordingly.

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